E-Hall Pass Login

The e-hall pass technology allows school officials to control the number of students who leave classrooms at the same time and trace where each kid goes to aid in social separation and contact tracing. Students are largely positive about the E-Hall Pass, complimenting the system for its efficiency, aiding in social distancing, and replacing the expensive and unhealthy pass system.

Students can use the computer to request for and receive an approved exit pass from the teacher. To establish an online classroom, schools register up their students for EHallPass.


Schools that are registered with EHall Pass give their students an EHallPass login username and password. Through a digital classroom website, EHall Pass from Eduspire Solutions can turn many schools into smart schools.

Login For EHall Pass At www.e-hallpass.com

When you go to www.e-hallpass.com, you can use your Google, Clever, Office 365, Classlink, or GG4L account to log in to EHall Pass. Here’s how to log in to your EHall Pass account:

EHallPass login steps

( A ) Login Through EHallPass Website: 

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to log in to the EHall Pass website:

  • Go to www.e-hallpass.com for access to the EHallPass page.
  • For EHallPass, use the login and password that your school gives you.
  • After entering your login information, click “Login.”

( B ) Login Using GG4L: 

Follow the steps to login through GG4L:-

  • Open the EHallPass website (www.e-hallpass.com).
  • Now, the EHall Pass login page will show.
  • Choose “Login with GG4L”. Then click on “Login with GG4L” again.
  • Two parties can login with GG4L for the Ehall Pass: (a) teachers or students and (b) parents or legal guardians.

Teacher Or Student:

    • For Teacher or Student, type your school name with “Find your school.”
    • Now, type your username and password. In the end, click on “Log In.”

                  Parents Or Guardians:

    • If parents or legal guardians of students with GG4L cab login for the Ehall Pass, click on “Parent Sign In.”
    • Enter your username and password, then click “Login.”

( C) Login Using Classlink: 

The following are the steps for registering using Classlink:

  • Open the EHallPass website (www.e-hallpass.com).
  • Ehall Pass redirects you to the Ehall Pass login page.
  • On the EHall Pass login page, you see various login options.
  • Among these different options, select “Login with Classlink.” Click Login with Classlink again.
  • On the Login with Classlink page, click Login here.
  • Type your username and password.
  • After that, click on the “Login” button.