Frequently Asked Questions

Nathan Hammond, who used to teach for 20 years, started a company called Eduspire Solutions that makes technology that will change the way schools work. The school wants to work with families and the community to provide good learning in a safe and respectful space.

The EHallPass digital hall pass system makes getting a hall pass easier and safer in schools for grades K–12. Students can ask for and get hall passes from their phones, so they don’t have to use paper passes. EHAllPass is becoming more and more popular among school districts and schools that want to make sure their students are safe and that they can learn quickly.


People who use EHallPass may have questions and worries, as they do with any new system. The EHallPass website lists frequently asked questions (FAQs) that answer these questions. These frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover a lot of ground, such as how to make a student card, what the system’s pros and cons are, and how to use the mobile app. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) also answer some common questions, like whether the system uses the location services on a student’s cell phone to track where they are.

EHallPass is a method that is meant to make the process of getting a hall pass easier and safer in K–12 schools and districts. Some questions that people often have about EHallPass are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EHallPass?

The digital hall pass system EHallPass helps students ask for and get permission to leave class and move around the school. Instead of paper passes, it will be used instead, which will make schools safer.

What is the cost of an E-Hall Pass?

The E-Hallpass has a one-time implementation price of $1,000 in addition to a cost of $3 per student to use the service.

What Information Does The EHallPass App Track?”

The E-Hallpass allows you to track and monitor how much time kids spend in corridors, boosting accountability and safety. If you have statistics on hallway traffic, it will be simple to ascertain who is in the corridor in an emergency.

Does the E-HallPass use a student’s phone location services to monitor where they are at all times?

No, Location services are not utilized by E-hallPass in any way.

Does the EHallPass app work on different devices?

You can use EHallPass with the Web Browser, the Chrome OS-optimized App, the iOS App, and the Optimized Mobile Web. Utilizing Clever SecureSync, you can include lists in E-hallpass.

How safe is EHallPass?

EHallPass is meant to make schools safer by keeping a digital record of where students go and when they go. Using cell phone location services, it doesn’t keep track of where students are, and schools can protect students who are worried about using the system.