EHallPass is an online digital hall pass system meant to update and make it easier to manage student passes and track where students are during the school day. Eduspire Solutions created the software and is FERPA-ready. It was also made by a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), which protects data privacy and security.

There are many features in EHallPass that help stop things like mischief, meetups, vaping, and graffiti. The software has tools for social distancing, an auto-check-in PIN, management of hallways and buildings, management of classrooms, and features to stop vaping and mischief. Everyone can use the system because it works with all platforms, browsers, and gadgets.


EHallPass was created by Nathan Hammond, CEO of Eduspire Solutions, because it took a lot of work to keep track of student passes and where they went during school hours. The software is made to make it easier to support students and workers while also protecting data privacy and security. With EHallPass, schools can make it easier to handle passes, lower the risk of cyber threats and breaches, and make the school safer and more secure overall.

EHallPass Features

The digital hall pass system EHallPass makes it easy and safe for schools to track where students are during class times. Here are a few of the most important features of EHallPass listed below:

Classroom Management:

Teachers can monitor and manage classroom action better with EHallPass because it tells them where students are at all times. Teachers can use their phones to accept or reject requests for hall passes, and EHallPass lets students know when their requests are approved or denied. This function helps keep classes running smoothly and holds students responsible for where they go.

Building Security:

EHallPass also has tools that help make buildings safer. The method lets schools monitor and manage who can go to certain parts of the building. This feature helps keep people from getting in without permission and keeps kids and staff safe at school.

Auto Check-In PIN:

EHallPass users can set a PIN that lets them automatically check in when they get to a particular place. Students and teachers can save time with this function because they don’t have to check in by hand. The PIN for auto-check-in also makes sure that all of the students are present and known during class times.

Privacy of Data:

FERPA-ready software was made by a business member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). Eduspire Solution uses this software. With EHallPass, you can keep your information safe from people who aren’t supposed to see or use it, which could lead to its disclosure, loss, or corruption.