EHallPass is a digital hall pass and student monitoring system that was developed by Nathan Hammond, a teacher who has been in the profession for twenty years. Its purpose is to help schools and districts in increasing student safety and accountability. Students can request permission to leave a classroom using the technology known as an electronic hall pass, which also provides real-time reports on student mobility to teachers and school administrators.


Instead of helping in subject-specific student identification, the EHallPass method will enhance equality in the classroom. By collaborating with parents and the community at large, they hope to provide a safe and respectful setting in which their kids can develop as independent learners.

4 Metods for EHallPass Login Process

To make a digital classroom, students apply for an E Hall Pass through their schools. Schools that have been registered with EhallPass give students an EhallPass login name and password. The individuals can log in to EHallPass through multiple ways and that is – the main website (, a Google account, Smart, ClassLink, Office 365, and GG4L.

EHallPass Login Portal

1. Login Using 

The steps for logging into EhallPass are as follows:

  • Go and open the EhallPass website (
  • Type your school-provided username and password in the respective field.
  • After providing your credentials, click on “Login.”

2. Login Using EHallPass Google Login: 

Here are the steps to follow to log in to EHallPass on Google:-

  • Open EhallPass website (
  • Click the “Login with Google” option for EHallPass Google Login.
  • Now, enter your Google account username and password for Google EHallPass login.
  • Finally, the EHallPass Google Login page will appear on your screen.

3. Login Using EHallpass Clever: 

Here are the steps you need to complete to log in to EHallpass Clever:-

  • Go to the EhallPass website (
  • Now, click on the option “Connect with Clever.”
  • Type your registered school name at EHallPass.
  • You can also use Clever Badge Login instead of EHallpass Clever Login. To connect, it’s best to use the webcam feature on your laptop or PC or the camera app on your phone to scan your face.
  • Parents and guardians can log in to EHallpass Clever after entering their username and password.
  • After that, they can click on Connect to continue.

4. Login Using EHallPass Office 365: 

Here are the steps you need to follow to log in to EHallPass Office 365:-

  • Open the Ehall Pass website.
  • It will redirect you to the EHall Pass Login page.
  • Click Sign in with Office 365.
  • After clicking Register for EHallPass Office 365, type your username and password.
  • Finally, click the Connect button to successfully log into the EHallPass Office 365 available on the Ehall Pass website.

Reset Your Password For EHall Pass Login

There are a lot of people who use E Hall Pass and may need to remember their username and password for their EHallPass Login account. Please follow the given instructions if you need to reset your password:-

EHallPass login steps

  • Go to the EHall Pass website (
  • Visiting the EHall Pass website redirects you to an EHall Pass login page.
  • Here you need to click on the option – “I forgot my password.”
  • Type your email address provided by your school to create an Ehallpass account.
  • After that, click Continue.
  • Follow the remaining steps to reset or change your password for EHall Pass Login.

How to Sign Up for e Hallpass

The following are the easy procedures required to register your account. Follow these simple steps –

  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. Click on “Sign Up” option.
  3. Select your role to tailor your needs such as Student, Teacher, or Administrator.
  4. Enter your school email address.
  5. Create a strong, secure password to your account.
  6. Please read and accept the EHall pass Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  7. Check your email for messages from the portal.
  8. To validate your email address, click the verification link included in the email.
  9. Complete your user profile by providing details specific to your role.

Benefits Of Ehallpass

Please check out the important benefits of EHall Pass that are listed below:-

EHallPass Benefits

  • Social Distancing Support:- Maintaining security and putting social distancing protocols into practice are made simple by an easy-to-use interface.
    • Contactless Hall Passes-  With contactless passes, the possibility of transferring germs is eliminated.
    • Pass Volume Limits: With this tool, you can limit the number of passes given to each student, location, or even building.
  • Building Security:- The features of this system give you full visibility and real-time data, which lets you quickly figure out what your building’s protection needs are and fix them.
    • Live Dashboard- Administrators and teachers can able to view their real-time passe.
    • Incident Response- Having instant access to streaming info lets you act quickly and get rid of problems before they happen.
  • Increase Class Time: There is a significant reduction in voluntary student use of passes during class hours can be seen after adopting electronic passes by the schools.

Features Of EHall Pass

The following are features of EHall Pass:-

Data Security: EHall Pass makes sure that the cloud-based server’s user data is protected and safe. It keeps user information safe from hackers, risks, and people who shouldn’t have access to it. The company that made EHall Pass is a part of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), and they make FERPA-compliant software. With EHall Pass, users can keep their information safe from people who aren’t supposed to see or use it, which could lead to its disclosure, loss, or corruption.

Auto Check-In PIN: EHall Pass users can set a PIN that helps them automatically check in when they get to a certain place. This feature eliminates the need to check in by hand, which saves time and lowers the chance of making mistakes.

Classroom Management: EHall Pass is a powerful tool that teachers can use to run their classes. Digital hall passes are easy for teachers to make and handle. They can also set up custom pass types and see where their students are at all times. This function helps keep the classroom quiet and encourages better behavior from all students.

Anti-Vaping / Anti-Vandalism: EHall Pass contains capabilities to assist limit mischief, gatherings, vaping, and graffiti, among other things. These characteristics contribute to the promotion of a safe and secure learning environment for students.

Building Security: There are parts of EHall Pass that help make buildings safer. The system can be set up so that students must scan their ID cards or use biometric identification before they can leave the building, for example. This keeps students safe and stops people from getting in without permission.

Hallway Management: EHall Pass has tools that help keep hallway traffic under control. For example, teachers can make custom routes for students to follow when they need to go from one class to another. This makes the hallways less crowded and safer generally. The EHall Pass is a great way to make students safer and more responsible. Its features are meant to help teachers run their classrooms, make sure students are safe, and keep the class running smoothly.

Profile Completion, Pass Creation, and Set-Up Favorites

( 1 ) Complete Your Profile: To complete your profile for your EhallPass account, please follow the given steps below:

  • First, open the website (
  • Enter your username and password and tap “Login.”
  • Once the login process is completed, the EhallPass window will open with your profile.
  • Now, click on the first menu item, “My Profile.”
  • After verifying the information for profile pre-population, input a PIN in the file field. Your PIN provides you the authority to approve ID cards. Character length for PINs can range from four to six (letter, number, or both).
  • The final step after creating a PIN is to add a profile picture. You can upload an image to your profile using the ‘Profile photo’ option.
  • Now, tap on the green “Save Profile” button when you are all done.

( 2 ) How To Create A Pass And Set Up Favorites? Please follow the steps below to create a pass and set your favorites:

  • Open the website (
  • Log in with your username and password by following any methods -” You can use your Google, Office 365, Clever, Classlink, or GG4L accounts to log in to EHallPass.
  • After completing the login process, your profile panel be on your device screen. Please, click on the menu “Create a passport.”
  • Enter the teacher’s name or location, as well as the area you want to visit.
  • Then, provide the reason why you are visiting this location. Further, select “Create a Pass.”
  • To configure your favorites, tap the arrow on the until you see the Add up to 5 favorites preferences.
  • Once the box appears, choose the location or teacher’s name from a dropdown list.
  • Click the edit option to edit/sort bookmarks or if you want to update your bookmarks.
  • Once you have finished this process, SAVE your work.

Customer Service Centre For Eduspire Products

Customers can get help with the EhallPass and Flextime Manager from customer service centers set up by Eduspire Solutions. The toll-free number for Eduspire Solutions is 888-401-2011. Individuals who work in customer service will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you have about Eduspres goods.

You can take advantage of Eduspire Solutions’ customer service by going to, filling out the form, and clicking “Submit.” Sending in the form gives Eduspire Solutions’ customer service managers a chance to call you.

The mailing address for the Eduspire Solutions Contact Centre is as follows:-

Eduspire Solutions

PO Box 2012

Southeastern, PA 19399

Toll-Free Number: (888) 401-2011

EHallPass App For Mobile

Smartphones are what everyone has these days. All purchases can be made on smartphones because the Google Play Store has digital apps. We can now take classes, send and receive money, buy and return items, pay and receive the amount, interview for jobs, and find work at different job sites in our areas as smartphones become more common.

Students, teachers, district managers, and parents/guardians can get the EHallPass from Eduspire Solutions for their educational services. The EHallPass App is a new app that Eduspire Solutions makes just for its EHallPass offering.

On May 16, 2019, Eduspire Solutions LLC released the EHall Pass app. It’s easy to find on the Play Store. You can get this app for your phone in both Android and Apple versions, and students, teachers, district school officials, and parents or guardians can all use it. This article will explain the EHallPass app:

EHallPass App

  • Paper identification cards should be eliminated, and individuals should be monitored in the hallway.
  • It reduces interruptions from the instructor and increases student accountability for their time.
  • Requests can be generated by students using their devices.
  • By monitoring who is in the aisle for how long, the Pass Panel enhances accountability and safety.
  • Passes for students to meet and attend classes with their respective instructors are available for purchase.
  • It facilitates communication regarding academic information and activities between you and your students, their guardians or parents, instructors, and educational support staff.

About Eduspire Solutions

The Eduspire Solutions platform gives schools online school software and mobile apps that make managing classrooms and keeping them online easier. Our teaching software can be easily added to schools that use 1:1 technology or BYOD platforms to make planning activities for students, managing their time, keeping track of activities, giving out passes, keeping the school safe, and other tasks easier.

Around 1.5 million people use it every day across the country. This organization has been an expert in education for more than 200 years, with over 300 academic gatherings. Two things are available from them:

(1) Ehall Pass and

(2) FlexTime Manager

EHall Pass is a cloud-based contactless pass system with tools and features for social distancing that can help stop pranks, meetings, vaping, graffiti, and other bad things. At the same time, you can set up FlexTime Manager to help with peer tutoring, tutoring, fast learning, or things outside of school.

Eduspire Solutions wants to use new tools to help teachers change the way they teach. Educators make our web and mobile apps to help them run their classrooms and keep track of their students’ plans more quickly and easily. Allow people to have a say and make choices while easing the management of things like access, presence, remediation, and so on.

Official SiteEHallPass
Portal TypeLogin
Managed ByEduspire Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EHallPass?

EHallPass is software that schools can use to keep track of students’ passes and where they go. It is a cloud-based app that lets students request passes and lets teachers and administrators accept and manage them safely and quickly.

Do you know how EHallPass works?

EHallPass is an online service that lets students ask their teachers or managers for passes. A student can move around school with a pass once it has been accepted. Students can move around the building, and teachers and managers can use EHallPass to see who is where at all times.

Is EHallPass Safe and Legit?

EHallPass is made to be a safe way for schools to keep track of student passes and moving. The tool is in the cloud, and data is kept safe with encryption. It also has security features like two-factor login and access control to make sure that only people who are supposed to be there can get into the system.

Is it possible to use EHallPass for school programs and events?

Yes, you can use EHallPass for school events and activities that don’t happen during school hours. The platform has a system for making reservations and arranging that can be used to control the use of school buildings like auditoriums, gyms, and classrooms during activities and events.

What personal information does the E-Hall Pass collect when you sign up?

Students’ first and last names, as well as their MCPS email addresses, are used in the e-hall pass. To examine their privacy and security policy, go to E-hall’s policy adheres to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Data on student ID cards is useful for a limited time.

Where can I find out more about Northwood’s E-Hall Pass?

For students and teachers: During a special meeting of GLAD on September 10,

The Student Parent Teacher Association (PTSA) will meet on September 17, and Back to School Night (BTSN) will be on September 19.


We live in the age of technology, and many things can be done online. The e-hall pass is a digital file that helps the administration, students, and teachers. The method makes schools safer and makes it easier to run classrooms. Teachers go to their system dashboard to check their credentials, accept them, and see their reports. Through EHallPass, students can ask for ID cards for their Chromebooks.

The E-Hall Pass is brand new from our education division, Eduspire Solution. It makes kids part of the duty to make sure they stay in class as long as possible so they don’t miss any time. The tool is meant to make students and teachers more responsible and to keep students safer. The item can only be bought by students once a year.