Edspire provides continuing education courses for graduate teachers for more than fifty 3-point courses that focus on how to use technology in the classroom successfully. Eduspire has many ways to deliver its courses, such as online and in-person choices, and some courses include a device in the price of the course.


Schools that use Eduspire Solutions’ products, EHallPass and FlexTime Manager, now have a new tool to help them keep track of their needs. Through your support site, you can ask for help, report bugs, and give suggestions for how to make things better in the future. You no longer have to talk to your project boss in person if you need help. You can now email or call them directly.

Educationspire Solutions offers mobile applications and online school software that streamline classroom management and activity schedules. In schools utilizing 1:1 technology or BYOD programs, our educational software can assist in the elimination of common challenges associated with activity monitoring, flexible time management, activity organization, pass management, and school security.

There are lots of great ideas in Eduspire Solutions for making learning better. There are chances for teachers to improve their skills through this cutting-edge service. It wants to change the way students learn from kindergarten to high school by making new tools easier for teachers to get and use. It has more than 50 in-depth lessons that are meant to inspire teachers to use technology in new ways to get their students more involved.

Its E-Hall Pass (EHP) app is a new kind of software that can help 1:1 schools or bring your device to update and make the old ways of managing hall tickets. With cloud-based technology that is easy to use, EHP makes schools safer and more accountable; benefits include:

  • Making and approving passes easily.
  • Tracking class times instantly.
  • Getting real-time traffic information.
  • Advanced features for keeping an eye on students.

Its cutting-edge dynamic screen records all student identification information, which changes the way classrooms are run forever.

The EHall Pass mobile app from Eduspire Solutions is now available. The item called the EHall Pass program is what you use to get it. The app from Eduspire Solutions came out on the Google Play Store on May 16, 2019. The app can be used on both iOS and Android.